Get on top of them before they get on top of you!

Find out how to detect and remove head lice easily, painlessly and with a minimum of expense using the Bug Buster Kit and the Bug Busting Method with Catherine from Bug Buster NZ.

The Bug Busting method and Bug Busting Kit is an effective way of detecting, removing and treating head lice developed by a UK charity, Community Hygiene Concern, after 20 years of detailed, independent research.

Their kit of head lice combs and educational information is available on prescription in the UK and is now available to purchase here in New Zealand through www.bugbuster.co.nz a non- profit organisation dedicated to the education of New Zealand families on the subject of head lice.

This Kit will treat the whole family many times over, is completely non-toxic and requires no expensive treatments, just your normal hair conditioner.

At this fun and informative talk /demonstration Catherine will share with you just how easy it is to get on top of head lice, answer your questions and help you to understand fact from fiction when it comes to the subject of these pesky little critters.

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The Bug Buster Kit can be purchased at the following prices:
• Normal retail price of $18 each, including postage (the same price that is charged in the UK by the Charity who produce the kit.)
• $10 plus GST for schools, kindergartens and child care centres who wish to buy the Bug Buster Kit and sell to their parents as a fundraiser and educational programme
• $8 plus GST for orders of 40 or more

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